Doors. I love doors.

The symmetry. Straight, ordered, and functional.

And symbolic of so much more. The entry into another space, another world.

You leave one section of space into an entirely different area.

What is there? You have to go through in order to find out.


About the shot:

I couldn’t have faked a more perfect shot of two doors in the Seoul subway system. In Korea, the subway system is ridiculously clean and easy to use (compared to my limited experience in Chicago, New York, and Tokyo).

Usually you don’t have access to rooms but this was a sectioned-off area leading who knows where.

I often find myself thinking about past decisions, “doors” I’ve gone through or doors I’ve passed by. Each decision leads to its own adventure. Go through enough rooms and you realize you’re an entirely different person from when you started. All because you went through a few doors.

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